The Commissioners have contacted the service provider who has advised that they have withdrawn the service due to the receptacles being contaminated with other materials such as general refuse waste and other objects.
The provider wishes to emphasise that they were providing a free of charge service but feel that they cannot continue to incur the cost of having to separate and pay for disposal of the other materials.
Contamination has been an ongoing issue and, because of this, the company has indicated several times over the years that they were considering withdrawal of the service to Glen Road.
The Commissioners last discussed the situation at their February 2023 meeting following contact from the provider early in the year; although the free service did continue for a further seven months thereafter. Unfortunately, the provider advises that the level of contamination has not reduced in this time despite placing of signage on the receptacles.
The provider has indicated today that they would discuss re-instating the service if they could be assured that the public would not contaminate the receptacles with waste other than cardboard.
The company also advises that the cardboard that is collected is all 100% recycled and is not burned at the EfW Incinerator.
Due to the popularity of the service it is likely that the Commissioners will consider the situation at their meeting next week (6th September).