It is with great sadness that the Commissioners have to report the passing of Robert “Bobby” Moughtin.

Robert served on Maughold and latterly Garff Commissioners for over 12 years and had a great wealth of knowledge of politics, both locally and nationally; enabling him to participate in discussions and represent his constituents at all levels. His time with the Commissioners included several terms as Chairman; a role he undertook with great pride and commitment.

Robert played a very active part in the life of Maughold Parish and Garff Sheading throughout the years, but also participated more widely through his involvement with committees such as the Isle of Man Municipal Association and the Whitley Council; the commitment, positive sense of purpose, and integrity he brought to all of the roles he undertook was always very much appreciated by colleagues. Robert was also a member of the committee of Maughold Parish Social Club and would often be seen working hard and enthusiastically at events such as Parish Day or Hop Tu Naa.

Perhaps his proudest political achievement was gained from the prominent role he played in negotiations to bring about the amalgamation of Laxey, Lonan and Maughold into the new Garff Authority; his view was that such a body would keep the Sheading together and still maintain the character of the individual parish and village areas.

Robert was instrumental in many projects undertaken in Maughold and Garff including several initiatives to increase recycling in the Sheading, and through his close participation in negotiations to have services such as hedge-cutting and gulley cleaning transferred from central government. In recent times, Robert had chaired the Committee charged with overseeing the transfer of the Northern Civic Amenity Site into local authority control, his leadership ensuring that the transition was conducted smoothly and very successfully.

Many tributes to Robert have been received from political organisations across the Island; these will be passed on to his family in due course.

The Chairman of Garff Commissioners, Nigel Dobson, commented that “the many achievements Robert made in his political life stand as a testament to his extensive contribution to local and national politics.  It is to be hoped that his family will find comfort from knowing how greatly he was appreciated and admired by colleagues in Garff and across the Island. He will be greatly missed.”

The heartfelt thoughts and prayers of the Members and Officers of Garff Commissioners are with his family at this sad time.