Refuse – What day will my wheelie bin be emptied?
You can find your refuse collection day on the following table:
Please place your wheelie bin out the day before collections as our contractors begin their
collections early in the morning.
Please place your wheelie bin at the curtilage of your property – e.g at the end of your driveway or
path (as close to the public highway as possible).
Assisted Collections
Assisted collections are available for residents who have mobility or other restictions. Please contact
us for further details (link to contact page?.

Bring Bank recycling of Glass, Paper, and Steel/Aluminium cans is available at the following sites in
Shore Road Car Park
Glen Road Recycling Area (plastic and cardboard can also be recycled at this site)
Maughold Village Car Park
The Corrany Estate
Dhoon Glen Car Park
The Commissioners are currently seeking a new recycling site following the closure of the facility at
the former Liverpool Arms Car Park.
Further recycling can be accessed at the Middle River Civic Amenity Site in Douglas and at the
Balladoole Civic Amenity Site just North of Ramsey.
Please contact the Clerks’ Office on 861241, or email for further details and

Recycling sites across Garff and across the Island (marked with a green ‘R’) can be found on this
interactive map (Link:
Recycling at the Civic Amenity Sites
Garff residents are able to access the Eastern Civic Amenity Site at Middle Park, Braddan (Link: and the Northern Civic Amenity Site
just north of Ramsey at Balladoole (Link: ).
Residents are able to take the following items to the sites:
Scrap metal (ferrous and non-ferrous)
Green waste
Cardboard (please make sure that there is no packaging left inside the cardboard)
Plastic bottles
Glass bottles
IOM Creamery milk cartons
Hardcore from DIY activities (charges may apply)
Car batteries
Household batteries
Fluorescent tubes and lamps
Engine oil
Fridges and freezers (charges apply)
TV’s and PC monitors (charges apply)
Small electrical appliances
General household waste for the Energy from Waste Plant

If you are unable to take large items to the Civic Amenity Site in person, our refuse contractor can
supply a quotation for disposal. Please contact us (link to contact page?) for further information.
Household and Garden Waste Kerbside Recycling Services
(Possibly use some branding images for the two companies below?)
Residents can subscribe to a General household recycling service provided by Recycle Collect Isle of
Man. The service is available across the whole of Garff. Further details are available on their website
A subscription service is also available for garden waste recycling, provided by Johnny Trash Limited.
Further details can be obtained on their website