Manx Utilities have completed the purchase of land at the ‘Cairns’, Breezehill, Laxey with a view to installing a sewage treatment facility for the Laxey catchment area. A site for a treatment facility in Baldrine is also being sought in order that the sewage which flows out into Garwick Bay can be treated. Manx Utilities have issued no firm completion dates at this stage, but it is anticipated that both facilities will be operational in the next 2/3 years.

In Laxey, Manx Utilities are undertaking a variety of tests in order to establish the size and precise location of the new Sewage Treatment Facility at the ‘Cairns’ site.
It is probable that this facility will be an RBC type that makes use of the existing sea outfall which currently carries raw sewage from the catchment area into Laxey Bay.
A ‘Flow Survey’ of all sewage pipes across the catchment area is under way. Information from this survey will confirm the flows in dry-weather and storm flow scenarios.
Tenders have been issued for coastal dispersion modelling in Laxey and Garwick bays. Manx Utilities expect to commence the dispersion modelling this month; it is likely to take about 6 months (weather dependent for deployment and retrieval of seabed monitors).
A designer for the new Laxey STW will be appointed during January 2018. Outline design is likely to take about 3-4 months, and at that point Manx Utilities advise they will be consulting with the Commissioners and Public to review the design concepts. Manx Utilities advise that they will listen and respond to any concerns before embarking on the detailed design. Screening will be a particular area that will be discussed at the consultation stage.
A geotechnical survey will be taking place at the ‘Cairns’ site in mid- December (around the 12th) which will include CAT scanning, the digging of inspection pits, as well as the installation of piping for groundwater and gas monitoring.

Due to the acquisition of the site, the primary focus is on the Laxey catchment at the moment, but the Commissioners will continue to encourage Manx Utilities to make progress with the proposed facility at Garwick

(The picture shows an image of the Commissioners and Daphne Caine MHK on a visit to view the RBC site in Kirk Michael).