Beach Buddies are teaming up with the Commissioners to launch a new initiative to improve the tidiness of neighbourhoods in Laxey, Lonan, and Maughold: and the more local residents we can get involved the better!

To start things off Beach Buddies and the Commissioners are joining a local meeting at 10.00am on Sunday 14th August at the Laxey Sailing Club, arranged by local resident Robbie, to listen to your ideas for cheering up some of those locations in need of a bit more Tender Loving Care.

You can’t help but notice that there are some areas that are tired and untidy and with your help a real difference can be made. You could take ownership to help improve and maintain a local area, help pull weeds from the road side, pick up litter or have a general tidy of the Glens, the beaches, the parks. We all live in the local community lets create spaces for others to enjoy; look at the great example set by Susan and Ken Crellin at Quarry Falls in Laxey and those who’ve adopted tram stops and so on. Why not step forward and take part in creating more welcoming clean spaces for visitors and for ourselves as a Community!

Beach Buddies and the Commissioners would like to encourage and support more of these inspiring actions across the Villages and open areas of Garff. Bill Dale will be on hand at the meeting to offer expert knowledge, advice, and the support of his organisation to the initiative.

So what are the Commissioners doing? Our Maintenance Team is small, but we’ve recently increased the maintenance budget to employ an additional part-time contractor to assist our directly employed (and wonderful) maintenance duo. Our focus is on increasing the amount of tidying of public spaces such as pavements, verges, and other public areas; but Garff is a massive area (from Ballure to Groudle) and the addition of some community projects and collaboration would really assist to make the Sheading look better: there’s more to be done!

Please come along to the public meeting on 14th August 2022 @ 10am at Laxey Sailing Club and find out how you and your family can get involved.