The Commissioners would like to issue an initial statement on their plans for the future use of the Laxey Promenade Public Shelter –  Seating and Table Facilities will always be provided in the Laxey Promenade Public Shelter.

The factual position is that the Public Shelter has always been in the ownership and control of Garff Commissioners. The Commissioners have always intended to have tables and chairs in this public facility, now and in the future. This will continue to enable the general public to consume food and drink, including all patrons of the adjacent Laxey Beach Kiosk.

The Board wish to advise that they will also be enhancing the current facilities within the Shelter over the coming months.

It should be noted that all customers of the adjacent kiosk takeaway will be absolutely welcome to use the public facilities to consume food and drink items inside the building; along with all Members of the Public.

The Commissioners have not fully finalised their plans at this stage but extensive, appropriate and comfortable seating/tables will be placed in the Public Shelter.

This will enable all Members of the Public, including customers of the adjacent kiosk to make free and full use of the Public Shelter to sit and consume food/drinks as they have always done.

A further statement will be issued once the plans have been finalised.

The Commissioners remain committed to providing facilities which primarily benefit the public but also bring benefits to local businesses.