This morning’s forecast is for the rain to clear by mid-day so we are expecting to get The Great Laxey Brass Band Festival underway at 1.00pm in all three venues in the Upper Village (the Mines Tavern, The Glen Pavilion, and The Miner’s Statue).
Should the rain linger a little the event will still commence at 1.00pm using inside venues at The Laxey WMI, The Glen Pavilion, and Christ Church (beside the Tram Station). The event will then ‘venture-out’ as the weather improves.
Marshals will be circulating the Village to pass on information about any changes.
We’ll be in touch with Ronaldsway at 11.00am and make an announcement; as they will be able to predict much more accurately then. The announcement will be made on FB Sites ‘Visit Laxey, Visit Garff’, Garff Commissioners’, Laxey Central, & on Garff Commissioners Twitter page.
The situation may be a dynamic one but we and the wonderful bands will react to any situation and make sure the Show Goes On!
If it is wet Cookies and Candy, the Children’s Entertainer will give shows downstairs in the Laxey Working Men’s Institute at 2.00pm and 3.00pm; if dry the shows will be in the Tram Station as planned.
At this stage, however, we should have the dry weather in before 1.00pm. Cross those fingers now!
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