Garff Commissioners have agreed to freeze the overall rate in the Sheading for the third consecutive year.

Chairman of the Commissioners, Nigel Dobson, said, “When the proposal to combine the three authorities of Laxey, Lonan and Maughold was agreed, the aim was to provide a better service at improved value for money to the ratepayer. Although there were initial costs in combining the authorities we were able to freeze the rate last year and with the economies we have been able to make over the last year or so, we are pleased to announce that we have been able to do so again.

During the course of the last two years the authority has increased the level of services it provides and over the coming year has planned a range of further services which includes resources to assist the DOI in keeping public rights of way clear. We have also seen an RPI increase of 4.5% and an increase in charges at the energy from waste plant but due to the efforts of our officers these additional costs can be absorbed while at the same time maintaining our reserves”.

This will be the third year of the rates equalisation process agreed under the Garff Order so ratepayers in Lonan and Maughold will see a small increase in their rate while the residents of Laxey will see a corresponding reduction. The overall rate income to the Authority remains at 2016/17 levels.