Following directions from yesterday Government Briefing and new lockdown measures, with immediate effect the Commissioners office is closed. Officers working from home. Please call 861241, or email Your query will be dealt with promptly. We have permission to attend to urgent practical matters across the Sheading (Laxey, Lonan, Maughold), so please let us know of any problems/issues that it is essential to rectify or make safe.
Public Toilets are open. However, we would encourage Members of the Public to avoid using them unless absolutely necessary; they remain open for the comfort of Key Workers and Delivery Drivers.
Gully checking and cleaning will only occur in critical areas such as Minorca Hill, Old Laxey Hill, Glen Road, Port Lewaigue, etc; if a Yellow Rain Warning is issued by Ronaldsway Met Office. If you do see a blocked gully please report this to the office, see contact details above.
All of our none essential services and projects are suspended for at least the 21 day period.
With immediate effect lockdown protocols have been introduced. This is to ensure the safety of both residents and staff. For further information please contact Julie Mattin on 862307.