My Rates Demand
When you receive your rates demand during April each year, you’ll notice that it’s made up of charges for a range of services. Treasury collects the total amount, but only a portion of the total rates comes to the Commissioners, these being the ‘Commissioners’ and the ‘Fixed Refuse Rate’ contributions on the menu. In general, the Commissioners receive around a third of the total monies charged in the rate demand.

The other portions due to the Swimming Pool Board, the Burial Authority, and Manx Utilities for water and sewerage make up around two-thirds of the total and go directly to those organisations. The monies collected by the Commissioners are used to fund a range of services including the refuse collection, the civic amenity sites, refuse disposal charges, hedge-cutting, road sweeping, and streetlighting, etc.

Rates are payable by the 30 th June each year. They are paid directly to Treasury either online, at a post office, at your bank, or by post (see back of the rate demand for further details). If you have any questions or queries regarding rates and rate setting please contact us using or by telephoning 861241.

For further information on how rates are calculated please visit the Rates Valuation page on the Isle of Man Government Website