A Requisition Meeting has been called to discuss the “better protection and promotion” of the crosses at Kirk Maughold. The current Cross-House contains a wide range of historically important stone carvings from the 6th to 13th Century, which covers the early Christian period, both Celtic and Norse.

The Cross-House contains an impressive range of  slabs found in Maughold including a carving representing the legend of Sigurd, and Juan the Priest’s Stone which was found in the Corony Valley.

(Image courtesy of Karen Warren | WorldWideWriter mnk  Website: www.worldwidewriter.co.uk)

The meeting is set to take place at Kirk Maughold Church Hall on Friday 14th May at 7.30 pm (subject to the lifting of Covid restrictions).




The Church also contains a large number of historically important Celtic crosses from the early Christian period (6th-13th Century) and the ruins of three keills,

suggesting that it was the site of an early Christian monastery and the main pre-Norse religious community on the Isle of Man.

Nowadays, the crosshouse in the churchyard contains almost a third of all pre-Norse cross slabs found on the Island, including the Pillar Cross which is the only remaining parish cross on the island and depicts the oldest stone-carved example of the three legs of Mann symbol on the Island.

Find out more about the crosses and their context at….https://www.worldwidewriter.co.uk/manx-crosses-runes-oghams-early-history-isle-man.html